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  • Original mixed media artwork of Keith Richards with rock and roll vintage clothing, patches, jewelry from the 70's.


    I began work on this piece over a year ago with the intention of making it just a simple pencil sketch of Keith Richards, but it turned into something totally different. As I did more and more reading on his life and researched photos, this piece really became personal to my life's journey. In this portrait, Keith appears ghost-like, dressed in real clothes that barely seem to have a body within them. He looks strung out/wasted in many photos throughout his career, but I noticed him wearing Indian prayer scarves and jewelry as well, and sensed a spirituality in him. As a result, I added the mehndi hands which represent awakening the inner light in ancient Hindu Vedic custom.

    Famous for his excess of drink, drugs and sex...these were no doubt his demons.

    So this artwork mirrors the struggles we all have faced or are still relinquish our demons and let spirituality shine into our lives.


    Size: 30" x 60"

    On 1.5" thick wood board

    Approx 35lbs



    ***Please email to inquire about shipping costs for this piece.


    Keith Richards Mixed Media Portrait

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